memoQfest is an important and inspiring platform where both memoQ users and non-users can meet the people behind the product, exchange ideas and broaden their network in an informal yet professional environment.

memoQfest has been a three-day event since the very beginning. However, due to the growing number of conferences in the translation industry, our attendees suggested we consider a shorter event while retaining all program elements, including master classes, as well as presentations from thought leaders and industry professionals.

We are happy to announce that based on your feedback, memoQfest will return
with a two-day conference on June 13-14, 2024, in Budapest, Hungary.

The theme of memoQfest 2024 will be:

The role of people in an AI world

memoQfest 2024 will focus on the challenges our industry is facing right now. Conferences around the world have seen heated discussions about the role of AI, covering the pros and cons of the transformation, predicting the future, and discussing ideal and optimized workflows driven by AI, as well as smart solutions.

However, most of the conversations fail to consider one – if not the most – vital variable in the equation: the importance of humans.

We at memoQ believe that people are at the core of these innovations, and AI would never lead anywhere without human expertise. We are looking for proposals that highlight AI-driven translation and localization workflows while emphasizing the crucial role of people in the process.

We are looking for sharp 20- or 30-minute presentations and case studies.

Suggested topics include


  • Going Global: hands-on experience for companies looking to expand and enter new international markets
  • memoQ from the perspective of company leaders: how introducing/migrating memoQ affects businesses
  • Present the benefits of memoQ to your customers to win a business: practical insights
  • Introducing a new translation environment: considerations, and decision drivers

Workflow & technology

  • AI-driven technologies and workflows with a special emphasis on the importance of humans' role.
  • Case studies:
    • Integrating memoQ into your existing workflow / establishing a completely new workflow
    • Third party integrations that help further improve productivity
    • Custom memoQ developments and integrations
    • Machine translation workflows
  • Processing complex jobs with memoQ: achieving great results even with the most complicated projects
  • Localizing animated content: challenges, technologies, memoQ's role in the workflow
  • Localizing games and other content: challenges in game- and software localization
  • Localizing materials for the life sciences industry
  • Terminology management: how to make the most out of it?

We also welcome proposals and case studies that are relevant to a translation industry conference, and proposals that focus on innovative ways of using memoQ to improve your productivity.

Where should I send my proposal?

You can submit your presentation proposal by clicking the link below. Please note that you can submit more than one topic.

Submission deadline for the proposals
is February 6, 2024
Submit your proposal

If you have any questions related to memoQfest or topic proposals, please contact the event team.