memoQfest has taken place in Budapest every year since 2009 and it has proven to be one of the most beneficial and enjoyable conferences in the translation industry.

memoQfest is an important and inspiring platform where users can meet the people behind memoQ, exchange ideas and broaden their network in an informal – yet professional – environment.

We plan to organize an in-person conference this year: memoQfest 2022 will take place on June 22-24, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary.

The theme of the event is

Translation technology in a changing world

Although we have partly covered this topic during the first online edition of memoQfest in 2021, we feel that this is an important and exciting topic that we should build on and discuss even further.

Our goal is to focus on the challenges that affected the translation industry in the last 2 years, investigate how translation technology has supported this interim period, what other challenges are expected in the future and how translation technology – with special emphasis on integrations, MT and custom developments - can help overcome these.

We are looking for sharp 20 or 30-minute presentations and case studies.

Suggested topics include


  • Going Global: hands-on experience for companies that want to expand and enter new international markets
  • memoQ from the perspective of company leaders: how introducing/migrating memoQ affects business
  • Presenting the benefits of memoQ to your customers to win a business: practical insights
  • Introducing a new translation environment: considerations, and decision drivers
  • Overcome challenges during pandemic: lessons learned, future expectations

Workflow & technology

  • Case studies:
    • Integrating memoQ into your existing workflow / establishing a completely new workflow
    • Third party integrations that help further improve productivity
    • Custom memoQ developments and integrations
    • Machine Translation workflows
  • Processing complex jobs with memoQ: achieving great results even with the most complicated projects
  • Localizing animated content: challenges, technologies, memoQ's role in the workflow
  • Localizing games and other content: challenges in game- and software localization
  • Localizing materials for the life sciences industry
  • Terminology management: how to make the most out of it?

We would also welcome proposals and case studies that are relevant to a translation industry conference, and proposals that focus on innovative ways of using memoQ tools or using them to improve your productivity.

Where should I send my proposal?

You can submit your presentation proposal by clicking the banner below. Please note that you can submit more than one topic.

Submission deadline for proposals is
February 18, 2022 EOD
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If you have any questions related to memoQfest or topic proposals, contact the event team.